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NEW New variation release of BC series, Basic cylinders


Koganei continues to improve manufacturing with our newest HEAT RESISTANT cylinders providing operation in ambient temperatures up to 150 °C! Also, new CLEAN ROOM specification models allows our cylinders to serve in more electronic and medical processes than ever before. More additions of our “BC” lineup have been added as well. Our local authorized Koganei distributors are ready to create your automated process entirely out of our new “BC” series.




NEW New release of KPJ series, Bellows style vacuum pads


Need vacuum cups that don’t leave marks on your surfaces? Koganei is proud to deliver to you our new Flourine material, bellows style vacuum pads that give you control in your vacuum operations without leaving a mark on product. Contact your local authorized Koganei distributor today for more information on our non-marking KPJVF series vacuum pads and other great vacuum products.



NEW New release of MGT series, Mini Guide Table


When you need the most linear accurate cylinder that is most rigid to moments of torque, think of our “MGT” Series. This innovative new actuator lineup includes features such as a 4 point contact linear guide system. Your local authorized Koganei distributor is ready to provide you the best in running parrallelism available in the market today!



NEW New release of PVR series, Media Isolation Valves


Your advancement in Media Isolation Valves is HERE!!!

Koganei is proud to deliver both a direct acting AND air pilot valve for use in life science and other unique media (including liquid) applications. We are proud to offer our newest innovation exclusively through our authorized Koganei distribution network.

Features include:

10 million cylce life
Captive Mounting Screws
Cv = 0.04 with contamination less than 35 µL
Matching mounting footprint for both solenoid and air pilot models

Please contact Koganei to get your sample and test today!

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New release of KDV series, fastest cylinder/valve combination


Koganei releases fastest cylinder/valve combination on the market today. Designed for high speed sorting applications that require more than a “bullet” of air. With a maximum operation frequency of 100 cycles per second and response time as quick as 5ms or less, another Koganei solution for high speed applications is here!

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New release of FRZ Series, Air Filter, Oil Mist Filter and Micro Oil Mist Filter NPT specifications.


Koganei continues to aggressively remove the excuses that limit our ability to serve North America! NPT Imperial ports continues to be released for our air preparation line of products! NPT Product release include the following products:


2. FILTER REGULATOR (with water and fluid removal feature) FRZB series




Advantages that are leading to our rapid growth globally in this series is as follows:

1. Visible filtration element

2. Compact design body

3. 100% RoHs compliance


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New release of Water Removal Valves MTV Series


Eliminate damage caused by condensation for small bore, short stroke and small grippers and other actuators by using Koganei's new revolutionary MTV series.
Unlike other systems that use absorbing tubes and ends up leaving moisture with no where to go but drip off the supply tubing...Koganei MTV models mechanically actuate from your supply air every cycle to only exhaust the moisture, leaving your pneumatic system using only dry air!

Remove moisture, increase the life of your pneumatic system, Use Koganei MTV series!!

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New release of iB-Cyclone NPT and G thread specifications.


The fastest growing iB-Series product in the world just got more exciting. The revolutionary water separator system now has 'Imperial' and 'G' Threads!
Our iB-Cyclone uses a high-speed cyclonic system to maintain water separation rates even if flow is increased over 2,000 l/min.
Change the way your automation supply lines are prepared. Get your sample today!

See water removed from supply lines running at more than 2,000 l/min

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World's Smallest 3 Way Valve! Order today!


Needs were not being met for the Life Science and Semiconductor industry, until NOW. We are proud to give you a valve that compares to nothing else available!
- SMALL SIZE: 5.9 mm width (World's Smallest)
- LIGHT WEIGHT: 4.5 grams"
- LOW LEAK RATE: As low as 0.1cc/min at 102 psig (Low leakage type)
- LOW POWER: 0.5 watt at 102 psig.

Reliability is proven with a life cycle up to 10 million cycles (continuous duty). With an industry leading maximum supply pressure of 102 psig, we will earn your trust that the possibilities are endless when you choose Koganei.

Video: Koganei Youtube Channel:Click here!

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Dispensing is now Versatile!


If you like saving money by not having to purchase separate flow controls or other accessories for dispensing processes, than the Versatile Dispensing Pump is for you!

A simple design with a low part count provides consistency you can count on with volume dispensed from one unit to the next. Having the option to manually or automate your dispensing process gives you options based on your needs. The Versatile Dispensing Pump from Koganei, will perform the way quality engineering expects while providing comfort and flexibility in the hands that operate it.

More information, please click here:


World's smallest height dimension ionizer released!


Here is a list no one else currently offers in a single ionizer unit:
- FREE SOFTWARE = Control and monitor ionizer in process
- NO HIGH VOLTAGE = Safe for people and machine
- 3 OPERATION MODES = Fasted decay time Koganei has ever offered
- REMOVABLE FACEPLATE = Less downtime in maintenance
- WORLD'S SMALLEST HEIGHT = Fits in more spaces than any other ionizer

The new revolution of static removal has been proudly delivered by Koganei. Win the fight against static and contamination!



Say, "Yes!" if you want the following from EtherCat:
Fastest industrial Ethernet
Short cycle time for more output
Accurate takt time (synchronization)
More actuator accuracy and repeatability
Less downtime for maintenance and replacement
Complete traceability of every process in your automation line.

Say "Yes!" if you want the following from our F-Series:
IP65 protection
Smaller Height dimension
Back pressure prevention valve
Tandem 3 port valve in a single body
Stop valve for ZERO downtime in valve replacement
Lower power consumption (down to 0.1 watt) available
"Wire saving flat cable or D-sub connector" specification
Individual F Series with sub base for custom configurations

By combining our powerful F-Series with EtherCat in one product series, Koganei is giving you many reasons to say,"Yes!":

More information, please click here:

Free PDF and CAD data download, please click here:



Customers have basic needs for improvement in assembly processes with cylinders. They are:
- Lighter in weight
- Offer linear guide model options
- H1 Grease compatibility as standard
- Smaller length and height dimension
- Direct Body, Head bracket and Male Thread Rod End mounting options
- Two-Color LED sensor switch use for simple positioning and adjustment

Koganei agreed. That's why we developed our new, "BC Series (Basic Cylinder)" that gives you all the basic needs listed above and more! Available Bore sizes:
6mm (0.236in.) up to 125mm (4.921in.).

More information, please click here:

Free PDF and CAD data download, please click here:



Koganei International America Inc. exhibits at the 36th Annual International 2014 EOS/ESD Symposium hosted by ESD Association. Highlights from our booth will include:
- 2 Live Demonstrations
- Ionization portfolio of products
- User Application Uses
- FREE Onsite ESD/Ionizer Audits sign ups
- We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition starting September 8, 2014 at the Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa. For more information:



KOGANEI INTERNATIONAL AMERICA, INC. is attending the 2013 International ESD Symposium September 9-11th at the RIO All Suites. Our exhibit will showcase our Solutions to ESD (electrostatic discharge) that include our Ionizer products as well as On-site ESD Audits that we are offering for FREE through December 2013. We look forward to seeing you at booth 322!

Click here for details.



KOGANEI INTERNATIONAL AMERICA exhibits at MD&M WEST 2013 in Anaheim,CA, one of the largest medical device manufacturing events in the country, from Feb.12 to 14. Products on exhibit will be new PVS valves for chemical solutions, Fluororesin valves, Pumps, Proportional valves and etc. Visit us at booth 944.

Click here for details.



KOGANEI launched new valves, PVS series, which have 1.5 mm orifice diameter, 12 mm width body, indirect acting, 2 and 3 way solenoid valves as compact manifolds. Best suited for chemical solutions and dispensing process of analyzers.

Click here for details.



KOGANEI made an automatic selection soft for pneumatic components. By selecting each item of "Model Selection", recommended air cylinders, valves, speed controllers, fittings and tubes are automatically determined.

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KOGANEI launched New-generation Filter Regulator, FRZ Series, which perfectly fit for moisture and fluid already removed air lines. Compact design, flexible installation and more! FRZ series can be used with new innovative water separator, iB Cyclone, as CMZ series.

Click here for details.



KOGANEI launched High-speed valve, K Series, using world's first new solenoid technology. Perfectly match for "High-speed sorting","Intermittent blowing","High-speed suction pickup" and "Actuator control"applications.

Click here for details.



KOGANEI launched truly innovative digital flow controller which can monitor and correct a cycle time of air cylinders automatically!

Click here for movie and details.



KOGANEI launched new high-speed cyclone type water separator, iB-Cyclone, which has superior water separation performance and no filter element to be replaced maintenance free!

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KOGANEI launched New Micro Ejector FME Series, which enables the vacuum ejector to reduce 20% of air consumption and has much more innovative features.

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KOGANEI CORPORATION, one of the top pneumatic products manufacturers in Japan, has incorporated a subsidiary company in the United States named
"KOGANEI INTERNATIONAL AMERICA, INC." on April 2nd in 2012 and has opened an office located in Fremont, California.


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